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Cristos Coffee

Kopi Luwak (or Coffee from the Palm Civet)

kopi_luwakkopi luwak eatingThis is the most expensive beverage, not just coffee, in the world. It averages $700.00 per pound and the availability is extremely limited. There are some brands that claim to be wild, meaning that it is collected from the jungle floor and not from caged animals that are force fed coffee cherries. The problems is that there is no way to prove that it is natural and not forced upon caged animals. Even though the Palm Civet does regularly eat coffee cherries and poop the undigested seeds – it also eats a balanced diet of eggs, mammals, berries, insects and reptiles. When they are caged, they are force-fed a only a diet of coffee cherries and many die in captivity. At Cristos Coffee, we can not carry a product that is produced through such barbaric methods. We have begun negotiations with the only company to be licensed under a patent to produce Kopi Luwak-like coffee. They scientifically break down the proteins in the coffee bean identically to the Palm Civet’s digestive tract. We will be offering this incredibly smooth coffee in the near future. It will be an awesome coffee experience without supporting the abuse of beautiful Palm Civets.

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