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Throughout the years since the fictional Jaun Valdez and the mountain-grown tag lines that brought more visibility to great Colombian coffee there arose drug lords.  The Cartels and the coca plants replaced many of the quality coffee plantations.  The government did rein in the explosive drug trade and brought in coffee plants to replant the farms with but the impatience of man dictated that they replant with Caturra varietals and not the slower growing but infinitely better tasting Bourbon trees.  In our boundless search to bring our friends the best coffees from around the world we located a San Augustin co-op that only grows Bourbon Arabica trees and the flavor justifies it.   As much as Colombian coffees are justly famous for their full body and balance, this exceptional San Augustin Supremo complements a balanced body with a caramel sweetness. Macadamia nuts, ripe mango, and rich, dark chocolate at the finish all blend with each other, perfect for a rich morning cup or a delightful, after dinner pleasure.

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