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Ethiopia is the long recognized birthplace of coffee.  It still boasts the oldest varietals of the Coffea Arabica plant.  Whether it is a bright cup of Yirgecheffe, a smooth cup of Sidamo or a fruity cup of Harrar, Ethiopian is guaranteed to please.  This ancient home to coffee is one of the few growing regions that consume more of their home-grown produce than they export.  Whether the stories are true or legend do not really matter at this point.  Kaldi the goatherd from the 9th century is the recognized discoverer of coffee.  The story goes that he noticed that his goats danced merrily around all day and did not go to sleep that night after they ate a certain type of red berries.  For hundreds of years afterwards, coffee berries were eaten and the seed spit out.  Eventually the berries were boiled and a tea was made.  By the 16th century, coffee beans were being exported to Europe and trees were being cultivated in many parts of the world.  Harar, or the City of Saints is the oldest growing region in Ethiopia and Coffea Arabica still grows wild here. Our hand selected Queen City #4 Harar is the best of Harar.  It is a medium complexity with a little apple, cinnamon and the very distinctive blueberry finish.  It is our owner’s favorite.

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